Steps to Thinking About Travel and Your Small Business

Are you considering a trip somewhere for your business?

Step 1 Learn about travel

Travel is often a part of most businesses. If you’ve been an employee at a company you may never have had to travel before, but if you start your own business you’re going to find that you or at least one of your employees is traveling for some reason or another. In fact, there will be reasons to travel that you never thought would come up.

Step 2 Understand why travel is needed for meetings

To start, you may travel for a convention. There is a convention for pretty much every business known to man. That’s why major cities have entire buildings or convention centers devoted to hosting these types of gatherings. In fact, conventions have even become a major business themselves. Conventions are a great way of promoting your product, networking with other businesses in your field, and learning about new products and services.

Step 3 Travel for customers

You may also want to travel to reach customers you have in other parts of the country. Holding seminars and events in other major markets could be a great way to expand your business.

Step 4 Discover how travel affects business tax planning

The good thing about business travel is a good portion of it can be used on your taxes as write-offs. You can write off airline fees, hotel fees, gas and car rentals and meals. You can also write of some of the entertainment involved. In the past 100% of business entertainment expenses could be written off. Now that number has been reduced to 50%, but still, if you’re entertaining clients, keep a record for your taxes.

That’s it! Remember, travel can be required for customer relations and for business expansion.