Vesping: more than a rental scooter service in Barcelona

Vesping is the best service to go for a scooter rent in Barcelona and get around without losing sight of the amazing views and spots of this magical city. If this is the first time that you hear about Vesping, you should check its website, which includes all the information about the different tours and options that this service offers. Besides of that, you can find a blog with interesting places to visit, exhibitions and shows where you can go and things to do in general including the most famous museums and squares or gardens. Even you can check the best places to eat or go shopping. You can also find some excursions to do near Barcelona in places like Sitges and Garraf or which are the best beaches  to relax. So if you are planning a cultural visit or something similar, you can be aware of everything.


The best thing about Vesping is that they offer alternatives for all tastes and budgets. And it is not only for tourists as you will see. The most common tour is the one called City Tour: with the company of one guide, you will experience a complete itinerary with nine stops that includes the Tibidabo or the Camp Nou. Maybe this is the most suitable one for tourists because they don’t know the city and most of the stops are designed to see all the views. But if you are a local or an intrepid tourist, you can always try one of the GPS Tours. If you know the city, you will experience it in a different way. And if you are a tourist, you won’t get lost. In both cases, you will ride at your own pace and visiting what really interests you. You can choose between the Olympic Tour, the GaudĂ­ Tour, the Beach Tour or the Tibidabo Tour.

And last but not least, if you are a group you have two wonderful options offered. If you want to ride a Vespa, there is one tour called Private Tour where a guide adapts the route to the desires of the group combined with the possibilities. But if the group prefers to ride in an emblematic and vintage transport, Vanning is the solution. There are different Van tours where you will be able to experience the city with a Volkswagen T2. The tours offered with the Van are: the Tour with views, an itinerary following the principal spots where you can see everything of the city, the Classic Tour which is available also for the night, and a customizable tour where you decide where to go. As you can notice, this last option is more suitable for people who know where do they want to go.

What is more, if you book now online, you will have a 25% discount “till March 31st”. Don’t hesitate: now is the best season to do fun things like that whether you are a local who is staying in the city for the holidays or a foreigner going there to spend the holidays. Make sure you have a great Christimas: do you need any other reason to try Vesping?