Few Misconceptions About Dubai

The first misconception about Dubai stems from the assumptions that it is a predominantly a Muslim nation. Yes, we understand Muslims have a huge stake in the religious way of life in Dubai but, is there no other religion thriving in Dubai? Hell no! There is.

The second is, most people believe Dubai is strictly under sharia law, where individuals do not have rights to seek justice, and there is no civil court they may choose to go too. That, however, is another misconception, because Dubai has both civil and sharia law to govern it.

The other misconception is that a show of affection by lovers is frowned at in Dubai. That is not entirely accurate. The only thing that was enshrined in law is; a show of affection in public places that might cause a deterrence to different people around like publicly kissing or having sexual relations, the city frowns at it.

Misconception from other Arab nations that Dubai is committing haram by allowing western cultures to come and corrupt the Islamic culture embedded in Dubai from time in memorial. Today Dubai is the most visited city in the Middle East.

Dubai as a city is a kill-joy as there seems to be no form of public life and merriment because alcohol is not allowed in open places and fornication is haram.

What people tend to forget is that, provided these things are done by a tourist in their own homes or designated locations for such, without the disturbance of the public, it is ok.

It is too hot in Dubai. Yes, we agree the sun can heat up to as much as 40c during peak periods, but if you take tours on the Dubai Marina yacht or stretch your legs often at the sandy beaches, you can almost kill any heat stroke that it throws at you.

The Dubai Marina yacht club which is a members only club can take you all around the sea especially when the heat is getting to you in a luxurious style of living.

Jumeirah Beach and Park is another place to cool it off after the scorching heat. The beach as modern facilities which that become used for surfing, beach side sports, swimming sessions, and playland games for kids, etc.

Some of this equipment is purchased at the blue water marine shop in Dubai, e.g., for fishing; jiggling, fishing rods, bait and knock out chart, attractants, gaffs, and harpoons, etc.

For diving, the tools are underwater photography equipment, floats, buoys, etc. Boating equipment are also sold as well, e.g., deck hardware, anchor and diving, marine accessories, etc.

The last misconception is that everybody in Dubai wears suntan, western clothes are not cool or not allowed. Because of the heat at most times, it is advisable to wear light clothing and the suntan is the lightest there is. Every type of clot is allowed provided it is not revealing.