Things to do in Miami

Very few places evoke a sense of glamor and excitement as Miami! Even if you have never been to this city, you would have read or heard of its fame when it comes to:



Museums and

Theme parks too.

So, if you are planning a trip to this vibrant place in Florida, you should start with a list of things to do – simply because there are so many! Here are a few things to start you off.

Visit the Coral Castle

Imagine a place filled with sculptures. Sounds ordinary? What if I told you that the sculptures were made by just one man? Plus, that the sculptures were made of coral? Interesting isn’t it? That’s exactly what you will see when you visit this wondrous place on South Dixie Highway. 28 years in the making, this remarkable place will fill you with questions about the inspiration that drove Edward Leedskalnin to build this castle over 60 years ago.

Outdoor adventure

Miami is perfect for sports of all kinds:




Speed boats and so much more.

If you love spending time in the outdoors, you can start your trip to Miami like I did. First I looked for long term LaGuardia airport parking at a safe and convenient location. When I found out about this great service I drove my vehicle, parked and relaxed. It was so easy and convenient! Then I took a flight to Miami! Indeed it was an unusual way of starting a holiday but it worked like a charm!

Jungle Island

Known as an interactive zoo, this place is almost magical. It’s great to go there with kids and is filled with play areas and shows. So, if you are on a strict time schedule (though you really should not be, considering it is Miami!!) you would be well served to find out the timings of the shows before you plan your itinerary.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

What a sumptuous place this is! There is a beautiful view of the sea and one of the things that you will enjoy is the ‘vintage air’ to this place. It was built around 1914 and there are amazing architectural styles all around. And the gardens are to be experienced in all their glory. There are the Italian Renaissance formal gardens and the jungle forest and the magnificent landscaping all around.


Absolutely nothing compares to the energy and attractions of SoBe or South Beach. You have to travel east of Miami to get here and once you are here, you can immerse yourself in cultural activities, historic areas like Lincoln Road and performing arts galore. Walk down Lincoln Road and enjoy shopping, night clubs and restaurants of all kinds.


Art Deco District

Colors to delight you, architecture to amaze you and history to astound you – that’s the mix you can expect in the Art Deco District in Miami Beach. Walking is the best way to take in the buildings here. Here is something interesting to do – visit the Raleigh Hotel and dive into its Oceanside Deco pool.

Miami is a place of possibilities – possibilities of adventures and lifelong memories. Planning a trip here, therefore, is the absolute right thing to do.