Tips for Traveling with Children

Got some young ones you need to take on your next trip? While kids are wonderful, they certainly can make traveling a bit more interesting, to say the least. But just because junior is coming along, doesn’t mean your next adventure has to be a hassle. Follow these easy tips to have a great time with your kids.

Pack Lots of Snacks

If there’s one thing that gets kids cranky, it’s getting a little thirsty or hungry on a long plane or drive. That’s why a smart traveler always has a handful of snacks ready for their young companion, ready to hand off at the first sign of crankiness. Don’t go crazy with sugary snacks though, as that can only exacerbate the situation once your kid has a sugar crash! And when it comes to drinks and juices, be extra mindful when you’re taking those liquids on an airplane. TSA caps liquid carry-ons to 3.4 ounces. While they do make exceptions for milk and certain juices, you can avoid the hassle of declaring the items by just bringing a handful of smaller juice packs or mini water bottles. Or save some money and just fill a travel size 3.4 ounce bottle (bring a few of them) with a drink for your little traveler.

Bring Entertainment

Now obviously you don’t want to subject any kid to too much screen time. And while you’re off on a trip, the best thing for a kid to see is the scenery of your new destination. But for the many times when you’re “in between,” say driving from the airport, or waiting to check in an a hotel, you may want a distraction to stop your kid from getting too fidgety. So, think about loading up some kid-friendly TV shows / movies on your phone or tablet. Better yet – download an educational game app, so they can even learn a little while on the road.

Rent Child Friendly Gear

Few things are as tricky as trying to lug a stroller or car seat through the airport, especially if you’ve got a kid on the other arm. So, travel like a pro and rent those items when you get to your destination! Toddler car seat rental is a great way to not have to deal with that bulky item and the scowls you get at the airport. Similarly, a baby stroller for rent totally beats having to fold that up and convince the airline to take it under the plane (and hope it doesn’t get damaged.) Travel easy and let the items meet you at your hotel!