Travel Maremma itinerary: the best places to visit

Maremma is a part of the territory between Tuscany and Lazio, although it generally tends to speak only of the Tuscan part and, more precisely, of the Grossetan area, or in any case Tuscany, now well-known among the tourists. Maremma isone of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, surrounded by greenery, with a flora and fauna all to explore.

If you are a bicycle lover you will also find numerous perfect paths for the two wheels. You can enjoy yourself with excellent wine (the wine of these areas is among the most prestigious Italian wines) and a tasty and very good meat. In this mini guide we will give you some useful advice on what to visit in a travel Maremma itinerary.

The Argentine sea area, with the two beautiful villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, iscertainly part of the most famous and belovedareas of Italian Maremma.  From here you can visit the famous fortresses of the two villages or go back to the Convent of the Passionists and Telegraph Point. Not far from the Argentario Peninsulathereis also the small and fortifiedvillage of Capalbio where, after a visit to the picturesque tomb of the brigand Tribuzi, you can visit the lovely Tarot Garden.

Taking a bit off the coast, a wellorganized Maremma travelitinerary must definitely include a walk in the village of Manciano with the remains of its castle and its walls. Just beyond the well-known Saturnia for thosewho want to organize a wellness weekend is surely the ideal with its spas, but also with numerous historical finds and a picturesque village. Visiting Maremma isinteresting and also long lasting.

Among the places to seeisalso Pitigliano, a wonderfulhamlet where you can admire the structure of the Mediceanaqueductbuiltbetween 1636 and 1639, butalso the Fortezza Orsini, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the Jewish Ghetto. In short, if you choose to follow a Maremma travelitinerary for your next vacation you will experience a magical and unique holiday.