Your First Time in Seattle? Click Here

There is just something special about Seattle. From the friendly locals to the beautiful scenery and the variety of things to do, if you have been planning to hire camper rentals with friends and explore the U.S, you don’t want to skip Seattle.

There are many things to do in Seattle and places that you MUST visit. There is a reason that Seattle is a popular destination for tourists and those who are looking for a better lifestyle. It’s a city that has everything you could possibly want in one city and has a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

To help you plan your trip to this fascinating city better, following are our top favorite places to visit for Seattle first-timers:

  • Pike Place Market: If you want to find some fresh food to cook up at your temporary apartment or in your camper, Pike Place is a wonderful experience that will provide you with great ingredients for a delicious meal while also giving you a glimpse of a highly popular market in Seattle.


  • The Space Needle (of course!): The Space Needle is an iconic part of Seattle and really a place that you can’t miss out on visiting. Don’t forget to see Seattle from the Space Needle observation deck. It will be worth it, we promise. You will see the water, the mountains, and if you visit at the right time, a gorgeously beautiful sunset.


  • Seattle Great Wheel: If you like heights and Ferris wheels, then you will absolutely love going on the Seattle Great Wheel and if you don’t, it’s time to give it a try, because it is an experience that will leave you breathless-in a good way. Whether you go with your family of five and fit in one car or you go alone, the views from above are amazing and since you get to go around a full three circles, you will have plenty of time to observe the scenery and fascinating city that is Seattle.


  • Boeing Factory: If you are visiting the area near Seattle with your family and are looking for things to do or you simply like airplanes, a visit to the Boeing factory in Seattle will be an interesting one. While it’s technically outside of Seattle, the short drive is worth the fascinating visit.


  • Discovery Park: The Discovery Park is a fascinating area which provides visitors with fabulous views of the coastline, as well as the beautiful mountains in the area. If you want to experience Seattle nature, this is the place to go. The great thing is that you won’t have to drive far to experience the beauty of what the state is known for: its gorgeous nature and scenery.


  • International District: If you are in the mood for oriental cuisine, this is the ideal destination to visit while on your trip to Seattle. There are several restaurants offering authentic dishes that will make your mouth water. It is also home to several interesting museums and architecture and is worth spending an afternoon exploring.